Finding a Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada does not recommend any particular breeder but expects potential purchasers to do their own due diligence in researching and deciding upon their source for a puppy. Notices on this page are a service to club members.

2024 Breeders By Kennel Name

Bluactive – Linda Lee & Larry Bremmer

Blueve – Cheryl Kabarchuk
Keriland – Penny Hanson

Kevric – Bri Crossen

Krisma – Lois Grier

Mentorship/Ear Setting/Grooming/Assistance

Kenan – Nan Fitzgerald

Symphonie – France Godbout

Rescue / Rehome

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Past rescue story


Jenny was surrendered to rescue by an owner who had to make the difficult choice to let her go because of fights between her and another female Kerry in the home. Jenny is only 2 years old but was certainly opinionated! Contact was made with the breeder, who agreed to allow us to find a new home for her. There was already an application to adopt a rescue Kerry on file from a long term Kerry owner and they were approached to offer Jenny foster care as we evaluated her for placement.

When Jenny’s fosters picked her it was obvious she was a quite dominant female. She was excitable and very active. She ripped up the grass in the backyard when pottying. She barked frantically at dogs outside the vehicle window. She overreacted to sounds. This girl definitely needed some structure, security and training in her life. So began Jenny’s “rehab”.

While the fosters worked on Jenny’s manners and responses to stimuli, adoption applications started to come in. It’s encouraging to know people are willing to take on a dog who needs a bit of extra help, but it’s also very important that she go to the right home. Not anyone can take a Kerry, never mind one who needs training for a new life. As I screened applicants and considered the implications of placement in any of these homes, Jenny was working her way into the hearts of her fosters. She absolutely loved them and was more than willing to undertake the necessary changes to be a good home pet. So guess what happened! You got it!…….Jenny could not leave her foster home. As of March 7th, Jenny became a permanent member in her foster home.

If you are interested in adopting a Kerry in need, please consider applying now. Being pre-screened facilitates an early placement and less stress on dogs who are already stressed ; they don’t need to be moved multiple times to find their forever home.

Thanks to the previous owner of Jenny for recognizing she needed a different home, and thanks to the foster/adoption home who stepped up to give a lovely girl a happy future.