We Care About Your Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada, active since the early 1960’s, works to advance the interests of the breed. Membership is open to anyone actively interested in furthering the Kerry Blue Terrier breed. Speak to your breeder today!

We are dedicated to:

  • Promoting the Kerry Blue Terrier breed;
  • Educating Kerry owners and prospective owners so they may become worthy of the breed;
  • Giving on going support to all Kerry Blue Terriers and their owners; and
  • Being responsible owners and breeders

Our belief is:

  • Good sportsmanship in all circumstances;
  • Ethical breeding practices;
  • Promoting excellence in the physical and mental well-being of our dogs; and
  • Giving the best of ourselves to each dog so they enjoy a healthy and happy life.

The Kerry Blue

Ownership is a commitment for the life of the dog

Kerries can live a long, healthy and active life — they are considered the “Peter Pan” of dogs. You should have many years of joy with your best friend. It is important that you understand what a Kerry Blue Terrier is, what it was bred for, so you are aware of the dog’s physical, mental and social needs. They should have an enriching environment, with lots of love and the highest standard of care. Please spay or neuter your Kerry if you are not showing in Conformation and ensure it is micro-chipped.

How to join the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada

To join you are required to be sponsored by a current member of the club.

Yearly memberships are:

  • Single $25 CAN
  • Joint $30 CAN
  • Seniors (over 65 yrs) $15 CAN.

Membership benefits include our newsletter, Kerry news and more.

Membership Dues Payable January 1st

Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada

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