List of Breeders: Canada & United States

The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada does not promote or endorse any particular breeder. It is the responsibility of potential puppy adopters to do their due diligence in researching what they deem important to them in a puppy.

List of Breeders – Canada


Blueve – Cheryl Kabarchuk –
Cearuil – Sandi Zacher –
Kenan – Nan Fitzgerald –
Keriland – Penny Hanson –
Sylkera – Susan Hurtak –

British Columbia

Kingael Kennels   Barb Ward


Brucher Kennels   Cheryl Wyder


Cashelmara – Ed & Kay Greer –
Kelbrier – Christine Vink –
Kevric – Bri Crossen –

List of Breeders – United States


Krisma – Lois Grier –


Concord – Chris Brill-Packard –


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