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Finn- May 9, 2017

Update on Finn…..our lovely rescue boy!

I’ve just been for a visit with Finn and I’m quite impressed! He came with his owner to meet me and was calm, nicely sitting down and allowing me to pet him. He even nudged me to continue when I stopped scratching his chest! We walked down the Main Street passing many people and a few dogs. With the people, Finn was vaguely curious, sniffing as we walked by. With the dogs, he perked up and growled but kept walking.

This boy will make someone a devoted companion. As noted he does not like other dogs, but should be quite manageable with a knowledgable owner.

Isn’t he lovely!

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Original post

Finn is a 5 yr. old neutered male living in Victoria, BC. He came from (what I consider) a disreputable breeder, arriving at his new home at 2 years of age emaciated, untrained and fearful. He adjusted to his new family with no problem, integrating into their lives smoothly and accompanying the male owner on every possible outing, including sleeping under the dentist chair during an appointment!

Unfortunately, Finn was attacked by another dog on a walk and as a result has become so much more fearful that he is showing dog aggression. The owners have worked closely with an experienced trainer but with much heartache admit they are not in a position to give him the amount of training and management he will require.

This is a lovely dog… for the right owner. He is loving and happy, in great health, and though not food motivated, he loves his toys. He will not be considered for any but the most responsible and experienced owner who can work with him daily on his fears, and manage him in public with confidence.

Finn needs to be an only dog in a home with no children.

If you can offer this boy a chance to be your best friend, please contact Linda Grisley at


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